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Privacy Policy


Protection of Client Rights

As a provider of services under the Medicaid Waiver Program, we need to ensure that all individuals with disabilities that we service are treated fairly according to the Bill of Rights of Persons who are 

Developmentally Disabled. At the first meeting with an individual, we will provide the individual with a copy of their Rights and Responsibilities and review them with them and further review with them at least annually. Consumers will also receive a copy of the following:

· How to Report Incidents of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

· Due Process for a Fair Hearing (as issued by District)

· Grievance Procedure

If the consumer or their family feels that there rights are not being reserved, we will assist them in finding a satisfactory solution. This may include acting as a mediator. Documentation of such instances will be included in progress notes.

As a provider, we will ensure that no consumer that we service will have rights restricted without full explanation and assurance that the restrictions are in compliance with rules and regulations. If a consumer reports a restriction or if we perceive this to be happening through interaction with other we will take action immediately to review explanations for the restriction, ensure that the explanations are documented and ensure that any action taken is in compliance with rules and regulations.

We will treat the individuals we service with dignity and respect at all times. We will ensure that in our interactions with consumers we will use language that will be respectful to the individual. We will call ahead when we want to meet with an individual in their homes. We will arrive on time for our appointments with the individual whenever possible and will call if for some reason we are delayed.

Conversation that takes place with the individuals we service will be conducted in the most respectful manner possible. From time to time, we will need to speak with others that work with the individuals we service. During these conversations, the individual will be referred to respectfully and these conversations will be held in private. We will constantly be aware of the need to treat consumers with respect.

HIPPA/Confidentiality Policy

We agree that we will not use or disclose protected health information (PHI) except as permitted or required by state or federal law or with the consumer’s written authorization. We will use appropriate safeguards to prevent use of disclosure of PHI. Information regarding an individual will be kept confidential. Consumer records will be maintained in a locked file cabinet. Information will be shared only after a consumer has signed consent for release of 

Information with someone else. This signed agreement will be kept in the consumer’s file. This will be done only as necessary with other providers of health care professionals. Information regarding the HIPPA Policy will be provided to consumers and information will be released only in accordance with this policy. A copy of the policy, signed by the consumer will be maintained in their file. If we find that something has been disclosed or used we will immediately report it to the Department.

We will make my internal practices, books and records relating to the use and disclosure of PHI received from the Department or created or received by the provider on behalf of the department available for purpose of determining my compliance with the assurances. Any documents that have consumer information will be appropriately discarded and shredded.

We have completed training on the HIPAA policy.